Michael Alexander Photography

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Photography Portfolio and Online Store


  • Custom UI/UX
  • SEO
  • Custom Shopify Theme
  • Custom Gallery
  • Custom Contact Form
  • Custom Email Theme
  • Fully Responsive Design

The Project

After trying to make his own portfolio website on a popular DIY platform this customer realized he didn't exactly have the freedom and flexibility promised and realized he needed some help creating the website he envisioned.

Since the focus of this website was the customer's photography it made sense to have the main page striped down to nothing but a full screen slider showcasing some of his favorite photographs with a simple transparent navigation bar at the top to ensure the photos would always be the center of attention.

Due to the number of photos on the website a custom filter was implemented in the portfolio to display photographs by their primary focus. The photos can all be viewed in thumbnail form, or scrolled through in a large screen format to allow users to view everything with minimal effort.

In addition to a custom contact form, along with a stylized email format, the customer had also purchased a shopify storefront which we then customised to match the styling and url structure of the primary website so users aren't even aware they're on a (technically) seperate website.

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